J. A. Keener

Progress (or Lack of it)

July has been busy. When I say busy, I mean CRAZY busy. I ended up in New York City for two weeks for work, which was incredibly productive for my environmental career, but less so for my writing career. On the plus side, I finished reading three books and finished the second draft of my outline for Dreamscape, but I didn’t get any actual writing done. Once I’ve shored up the soft spots in the outline and gotten a chance to research the video game development industry a bit more, writing will commence. If anyone has any connections with game developers that might want to discuss (in very general terms) the process by which video games are created and some of the industry terms, I’d appreciate an introduction.

Expect to see reviews in the coming weeks for Patrick Rothfuss’ The Slow Regard of Silent Things, Dan Well’s I Don’t Want to Kill You, and Pittacus Lore’s The Revenge of Seven. I’ve also expanded my “To-Read” list now that I’ve worked my way through most of the books I’ve accumulated since June. I’ll be posting an update to this list sometime in the coming weeks as well.

Anyone have a preference on what they want to see first?

Lastly, I’m going out to this week to buy a bottle of nice scotch. Celebrations are imminent. As soon as I can share all the details, I will.

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