Primals are Eidolons of exceptional power and worshiped as gods by the races of Alesia. Eidolon literally translates to “phantom” or “ideal.” In Alesia, the Primals are both elemental spirit and embodiment of belief. There are thirteen Primals for the twelve Alesian Orders, with the Order of Tor deifying two Eidolons.

Rakin Tor & Aikin Tor
The duality of the Storm is represented by Rakin Tor and his sister Aikin Tor. Rakin represents thunder and chance, while Aikin is worshipped as the Primal of lightning and inspiration. The monastery of Rakin Tor, where the fraternal half of the Order trains, is located in the Aerie. The Sisterhood of Aikin Tor is located in Caligan. Both monasteries are adjacent to the Sea of Storms and the Origin.

Sol is worshipped as the Primal of light and truth. Her followers banded together and formed the Solari nation on the sunward border of the Grey Lands and the Everburning Waste. Originally created to protect their borders, the Solgarde now ventures deeper into the Grey Lands and closer to the Umbra to “bring the light of salvation” to those they find there.

Shadra is the Primal of shadow and deception. Although there is an Order of Shadra in the city of Sai Nikko, closest to the Umbra, Shadra has never given his blessing to the Order. He is aloof and little is known about his true nature.

The Primal of earth and strength is Terra. She is also the patron god of builders, miners, and sculptors. Because the Monks of Terra are skilled engineers, they call no single nation their home and there are branches of their Order scattered throughout the major cities of Alesia.

Cinder personifies fire, passion, and rebirth. Cinder, like the fire he embodies, consumes everything he touches. Those that follow him live in Ember, well into the Everburning Waste.

The Primal of oceans, rivers, healing, and foresight is Ran. The Oracles of Ran are scattered throughout the nations of Alesia.