General Terms

Legend tells of men and women selected by the Primals to enforce their will on Alesia. Created by rituals passed out of the fallen Empire of Eridis, the methods of their empowerment is a closely guarded secret by the various Orders of Alesia. Each Chosen is imbued with elemental power to match the Order for which they were created, but their skill and power vary widely. It is said that kata is the source of their power.

Kata is both a martial art and a form of expression in Alesia. All of the Orders similarly teach their initiates the same four katas; however, the implementation is different for each Order. For example, the kata taught by the Order of Aikin Tor focuses on lightning-fast attack, speed, and innovation in battle, while the kata taught by the Order of Ran focuses on fluidity and defense. The first kata represents preparation and resolve. The second kata represents mobility. The third kata represents power. The fourth kata represents harmony.

While most elemental spirits are considered to be forces of nature with no will or desire, histories speak of those that are literal embodiments of emotions and ideals. These Eidolons are known as the Primals, and worshipped as gods. Eidolons of lesser power are not deified, but are thought to exist in the more remote places of the world. It is also thought that the merging of an Eidolon with a host is what creates the Chosen, although the actual mechanics of the process is not common knowledge.

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