Alesian Orders

There are a total of twelve Alesian Orders, one for each of the Primals. The origins of the Orders are shrouded in mystery, but they are thought to be a remnant of the fallen Empire of Eridis.

Order of Tor:
The Order of Tor is the only one of the Alesian Orders that is divided in two. Tor is also the only Primal worshipped as having a feminine and masculine aspect. The Order of Aikin Tor, also called the Sisterhood of Aikin Tor, worships the feminine aspect of Tor. Their monastery is located in Caligan, just sunward of the Sea of Storms. The Order of Rakin Tor, also called the Brotherhood of Aikin Tor, is the masculine aspect, and their monastery is in the Aerie. The two Orders rarely mingle, but they maintain open communication through the use of Adjutants. Because Tor is the patron Primal of inspiration and chance, the Order of Tor is committed to responsible and accountable exchange of information. To this end, the Order of Tor maintains extensive libraries in the monasteries in Caligan and the Aerie.

Iron Legion:
Formerly the Order of Mithra, the Iron Legion has become a quasi-religious sect of mercenaries that worship fighting and war. Being a member of the Iron Legion means much more than being paid to fight and die for a cause not your own. Instead, it is a mark of quality, for the members of the Legion have committed themselves to understanding war in all of its intricacies. The Legion is also renowned for the quality of its blacksmiths. Because the Order of Mithra was one of the two Orders that incited the Time of Madness, and because the Order refused to sign the Armistice, the Inquisition destroyed them. The members that survived started the Legion and vowed to create no more Chosen, effectively ratifying the Armistice.

Once known as the Order of Sol, the Solgarde evolved into a militant group of priests that believe their life’s calling is to “bring the light” to those living in the Grey Lands and the Umbra. The Solgarde used to send missionaries into the Grey Lands to educate the “heathens,” but over the years, that evolved into military excursions to bring the fear of Sol to those that did not know his light.

Monks of Terra:
The Monks of Terra are builders and engineers. They are responsible for most of the roads and structures that stand the test of time. Before the Armistice, Chosen of Terra used their power to draw bedrock to the surface and mold it to their will. Since the ratification of the Armistice, Chosen have become Anathema and, as a result, the Monks have had to learn more traditional engineering methods. The Artificers view these engineering aspects as their domain and go out of their way to sabotage the Monks’ work.